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March 4, 2010

Finding it hard to finish your brain training program? Or have you bought it and not even started?

Being overwhelmed by the context in which you find yourself means something has to give.

But how did you get there in the first place?Are there things you can change?

The most important step is to become self-knowing and aware of your situation.  You need to know as much as you can about yourself to be able to fix things. Being aware of your own strengths and vulnerabilities and choosing wisely from what is  available to you is the trick. Listen to the dialogue inside your head, or at least feel the warning signals.

Have you heard of the Zeigarnik Effect?

It’s about not finishing something …(like not completing the BFP). Whether you like it or not, the unfinished business persists in your mind, it haunts you ….it rankles!! Have you had that feeling? I have, many times.

I actually had quite a buzz at having completed the BFP package— signed sealed and delivered, and it is my choice only if I do it again and when. The first thing I did after completion of the program was to write a list of all the things that I do, but don’t do “properly”. I am driven by the seasons in the garden, by the glut of tomatoes and fruit, by the animals, by obligations to others, by a need for an outlet for my own creativity and ideas, etc. All of which I enjoy, but at times I find overwhelming and something has to give.

One lady I spoke to said the BFP had given her time for herself. I think I need more of that.

Back to the gym this week.

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