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INSIGHT: visual processing and memory

March 8, 2010

I commenced the Posit Science Insight visual processing program today.  It has a simple layout in soothing colours and an up-to-date game ‘feel”.


More choice is available in this program: I can choose the order of the exercises (that’s a relief after the predictability of the BFP.) This means that there is potentially greater variety and personal control which must increase motivation to keep going. Feedback, timing and individual calibration are built in (as in the BFP) and assessments can follow a recommended or free choice timeline.

The baseline assessment includes age and education level which I can’t remember being included in the Brain Fitness Program. Both of these are relevant to performance on UFOV, particularly  increased age. I will explore that in a later post.

Here are my starting levels and goals set for improvement:

Visual precision(Bird Safari): Current:618ms   Goal: 445ms (28% improvement) No time scale

Divided attention (Jewel Diver): Current: 4.1 items    Goal: 4.7 items in 2 hours 40 mins.

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