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Jewel Diver: dividing your attention

March 22, 2010

Current level: track the movement of 6 jewels

Keep track of the 6 jewels hidden in a moving group of twelve

It is fascinating to experience divided attention in this game format from the Insight program……

I find it is not possible to focus directly on one or two bubbles as they swirl around with the jewels behind them while hoping to keep track of the other four. My narrow attention spotlight simply doesn’t work!

I find I am watching something that doesn’t quite exist..

Dividing your attention is like taking a step back so that you can survey the whole and be aware of particular elements in the display that are important.

Dividing my attention so that I remember where the jewels are, is almost like daydreaming: I seem to be watching something that doesn’t quite exist….tracking a jewel group even although they are separate bubbles. The relevant ones with the jewels behind them seem to stay linked together and the “discards” fade into the background.

The exercise is taken to a higher level by increasing the area, the number of jewels and the movement. Your peripheral vision is given a real workout, but my feeling is that it is much more “whole brain” than that implies…. anybody got any ideas about this?

The real-life connection is to enable keeping track of people in a busy place, or an area like a park.

Increasing space

The targeted bubbles seem linked
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