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Bird Safari: my first assessment

March 25, 2010

I’ve had my first assessment on Bird Safari! I have been following the provided order of exercises, so the assessment was delivered to me at the appropriate time.

I felt sometimes that I was never going to be able to detect the target bird. But the program design is pretty nifty:

  • Training visual acuity: the birds were remarkably alike.
  • Training Divided Attention and UFOV: the distance between the focal centre and the birds lengthened
  • Training figure/ground discrimination: a bird had to be picked out from backgrounds that became more complex
  • Training complex visual discrimination: The number of birds (distractors) increased
  • Training speed recognition

However, my Personal-Trainer-at-my-Elbow (calibration) slowed the speed of presentation considerably while I caught up (see above picture).

Northern Harrier

Sometimes I surprised myself by “knowing”…..the amazing brain again! When you get to complex backgrounds to make discrimination harder, I found that that when the Northern Harrier was silhouetted against a white sky, (which was not complex at all) I couldn’t detect the elusive creature ( that is not what I called it in the heat of the moment!). I think the light background made it look much darker. Nice birds though!

What kind of experience are you having with the Bird Safari exercise?

My assessment results

I improved by 54%. (see chart) this is interpreted to mean that I can stop a car 26.8 ft earlier than when I started the Insight program. My new goals have been set for me. (click to enlarge picture)

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