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Driving and Crash Risk

May 1, 2010

Posit Science has developed a CRASH RISK EVALUATOR.  This is based on their UFOV  (Useful Field of View) component in their computer program “Insight”. Age is taken into account in this easy-to-use assessment of speed and accuracy  and peripheral vision. I am three-quarters of the way through the Insight Program at the moment and have done a lot of UFOV, speed and accuracy training. I wish I had done this evaluation at the start. My result on this assessment was good enough I think. I came out green (see below)……which I assume means that I am going well enough!

Trusting my brain

Certainly I feel OK in the car; in fact, with the UFOV training, I do feel better and have learned to trust my brain:i.e. to pay attention to signals I receive. On the computer it continues to amaze me how I can discriminate objects flashed in front of me with such speed and pick up other objects on the periphery of my vision without looking directly at them. Attention (that fundamental yet elusive mechanism in my brain) is very complex…

Crash Risk evaluator

My results

The crash risk evaluation measures how quickly my brain can identify something happening in my peripheral vision while I am focused on something straight ahead.

Visit Posit Science website and try the assessment!

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