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The brain that won’t change ….yet!

May 14, 2010

Sorry, Dr. Norman Doidge, (author of “the Brain that Changes Itself”) but this brain will not change itself….at least for the moment, and in the context of one of the exercises on the Posit Science Insight program.

click to enlarge

My visual basics ( the response to sweeping parallel lines) on the Sweep Seeker exercise are …resistant….immovable (and occasionally going backwards!) And I have been training consistently on the recommended schedule for 25hrs and done some practice in between.

All the other exercises are showing change but not the main one… plasticity at all. My brain will not shift measurably.

My basic visual detectors do not seem to be taking in and delivering the crucial information at any improved level of accuracy! I even went backwards on my first assessment but recovered to my baseline on the second. Perhaps it is age after all and I need much more practice….

My other results are

Bird safari……..(visual precision)            54%    improvement
Road Tour ……… (UFOV)                           79%              ”
Jewel Diver ……..(divided attention)       18%              ”
Master Gardener…….(visual memory)  62%              ”
So what is happening, I wonder? Perhaps I will ask Posit Science to help me understand this. I enjoy the program and continue to be astonished at what happens fleetingly and peripherally from brain to eye to brain  as I perform the exercises.

Ah well…..


I rang Posit Science Customer Delight at 6am a few days later.. It was 3pm their time. By this time my Sweep Seeker results  were completely consistent...all stuck. I had been practicing just the Sweep Seeker exercise for a couple of hours off and on and taken extra assessments to see what happened.

I had a very bad telephone line to the USA which was unfortunate. However the outcome was as follows: I need to practice longer, and not do assessments unless I have practiced for  a full 2hrs. since my last assessment.

The answer is given here:

click to enlarge

Because of the baseline consistency, I can’t be having a bad day every time, so  the third dot point above must be relevant….I must have started at a high level. This was confirmed by Posit Science support. Apparently my original baseline of 41 ms is fast…..

But I had no way of knowing that…however  it accounts for the resistant brain.

And it is a very different exercise in comparison to the others. Anyone else prepared to share their Sweep Seeker  baseline and assessments?

NOTE: You may wonder what the green circles are above. That’s my “MOUSE LOCATOR” which was captured when I took a screenshot.  I find it invaluable and it is free to download. It locates the curser and then fades after a few seconds. Given the complexity of my Desk Top display sometimes, I wouldn’t be without it!

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