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Divided attention for a 63-year-old…..

May 22, 2010

If you go to the Posit Science Support website, one 63 year-old Insight Program User describes himself as an old fart!


He asks

What does 2.48 tracking mean for a 63-year-old?

Posit Science has provided the age norms below. (Standard deviation+/- 1) There is no indication of the size of the sample for each age group.

It appears from the top diagram that the 63 year-old’s initial assessment (being able to track 2.48  items) on the Jewel Diver exercise is a bit below average for the skill of Divided Attention.

However, the lower diagram indicates that with practice he should  have the capacity  to improve his tracking skill by an average of about 26%. Good! He might actually surprise himself and do much better. Look at the potential range of improvement for the 90 year oldsnever too late to learn!

Here are the stats:

Age norms for Jewel Diver

My Jewel Diver scores…

My baseline assessment was  4.1 which was lower than some people of the same age  but as I near completion of the exercise, I have managed a 34% improvement. This is interpreted as now being able to track 5.5 people in a crowded place.

Where did you score for your age?

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