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Speed and discrimination: Bird Safari and Master Gardener

June 3, 2010

Theses two exercises from the Insight Program are a study in speed and complexity! In Master Gardener the leaves are flashed in threes at various distances from the centre over the complex background of pots and flowers. As well as identifying two that are the same, one is required to retain spatial position in memory in order to prevent senescence in certain pots of flowers. Sometimes the speed at which the leaves are presented only allows a “guess”. Despite feeling that I have no idea what I saw, the old brain gets it right quite often…. depending on the leaves presented.The brownish leaves are remarkably similar at high speed. However that’s the name of the game…pushing you to the limits all the time, and giving you extra practice when needed.

In Bird Safari the  difference between the tail feathers appears to be the discriminating factor, yet during the exercise the tails are hidden in shade. Gradually, and surprisingly I (or rather my brain) started to learn that there were slight differences in the yellow which became clearer as I practised and as the  exposure time was reduced by milliseconds. Many times I had to go with a hunch which worked!

The backgrounds become more and more challenging.  I have not had an assessment for a while but any improvement will be small, I imagine, at this stage of learning.

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