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INSIGHT: Master Gardener/Jewel Diver assessment

June 24, 2010

I had a Master Gardener assessment recently. I am about three quarters of the way through the program but  had not been training for a few weeks so I wondered how I would go.

A slight improvement and a new goal set. I must say the speed of presentation and the detailed discrimination  required make it very difficult, or should I say challenging!

Jewel Diver is also getting very difficult. Stretching the number of items in spatial working memory as jewels disappear twice : behind the pale swirling  jellyfish and behind the coral. Not easy at all! But with the “personal trainer” (calibration) at my elbow, I learn errorlessly, but I still often drop back to two jewels and have to climb back up with constant practice!

Jewel Diver challenge

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