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November 25, 2010

Can we master the  ART of LIVING TO ONE HUNDRED YEARS?

Would you want to be an expert practitioner in the “art of longevity”?

Well, yes, I would, provided quality of life is good, otherwise there is little point (unless you are desperate for a telegram from the Queen!).

I have just returned from Sydney where I enjoyed taking part in a conference about living to a great age.

Topics included

  • genetics,
  • medical/biological aspects
  • physical
  • social
  • psychological and cognitive aspects

and importantly, nutritional aspects of living to 100 years (and beyond).

A Robust Personality

Personality is important when facing life’s stresses: people who are primarily conscientious and agreeable extroverts fare best. For them life is enjoyable and providing they have social contacts and support they can live long and well.

Centenarians in the Georgian Centenarian study were categorised as “SURVIVORS”, “DELAYERS” or “ESCAPERS”. This referred to their experience of the usual chronic diseases we can suffer from. The latter group had escaped without any chronic disease until after 98 years of age! The University of New South Wales have two research studies on Centenarians ongoing. One in Sydney and the other Australia wide. More about those another time!

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