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How to live to be a hundred without regretting it!

December 3, 2010

The conference I attended recently in Sydney was  almost a celebration of the process of growing older. Two of the researchers (both male!) who presented papers on nutrition were in their 80s…so I was a young thing by comparison!

This copy of TIME MAGAZINE has some great human stories from Centenarians and is really worth reading.

“Margaret Dell is 96, but you’d need to check the birth date on her driver’s license to believe it. When she was in her 80s, she played in a doubles tournament that required that the ages of both partners add up to at least 100. Her partner was in his early 20s; they won the tournament.

Driving, tennis, knitting … and eating chocolates. She keeps them in a drawer by her easy chair…..” 

Read more:,9171,994967,00.html#ixzz170w4y4lS

In Australia not only do we have centenarians ….we have SUPERCENTENARIANS aged 111 years, 113 years and 114 years! In Western Australia  we have at least one man who is 109. At the conference two members of the Australian Study talked about there lives. It was fascinating.


There  are 188 centenarians in five states in the UNSW study which looks at what contributes to longevity and healthy aging.


I can expect to live to 99 years!

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