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Aging and technology: learning new stuff

January 18, 2011

I’m getting there…… but it is taking longer than I expected! A process that had become intuitive over a period of 48 years is getting in the way of learning to use my new technology!

I have had a Kenwood Foodmixer for 48 years but it has finally given up the ghost! Like any good tool it had become almost an extension of my hand. Without it my food preparation would have been very time-consuming as I have always grown some produce, and cooked, eaten and frozen the remainder. When the kids were small they used to sit up on the kitchen table waiting to be given the bowl or the spatula to lick when I had made a cake…happy memories! With the Kenwood I could mince, chop, extract juice, mix, fold, shred, grate etc.


Learning New Technology

But now I have a THERMOMIX! It can do all the same processes and more… and much more quickly. AND it can cook and steam as well.

It is just learning the system that is taking time… and I think that would be the same for most people, not just oldies. It has about 20 functions and various bells and whistles instead of one rotating speed knob…

I find it is good to have “a project” in order to learn any technology. And it is vital to practice and practice…that’s the only way you learn particularly at my age! It felt rather like getting in to drive someone else’s car …..everything was a bit different….and awkward.

I made a beautiful red pepper soup from the many peppers that had ripened in the garden.

Rice turned out to be perfect and I steamed some leftovers which were moist and luscious.

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  1. Joan Riches permalink
    January 19, 2011 2:31 am

    So true. In this household we have just suffered through my husband’s transition from Windows XP to Windows 7. An involuntary transition following the decision for a new computer for $450 rather than a new mother board for the old computer for not a lot less. However what we would have avoided would have been the transition (now nearly accomplished), the need for a new Office suite for another couple of hundred and incompatability of our all-in-one colour laser printer and the camera which still work on my computer, of course.
    The obsolescence of electronic technology is so rapid compared to the household appliances which were cutting edge technology when we started out.
    This is just a caution to all the grey hairs out there to ask about the compatability of all your programs, other software and peripherals with faced with the suggestion that a new computer would be the best way to deal with a breakdown. – and don’t forget the camera.
    All the best, Joan

  2. February 2, 2011 9:00 pm

    I am enjoying your blogs. I think the key to making sure we are constantly learning (and thereby stimulating our brains) is to allow ourselves the time to do so. As a young adult we are in such a hurry to make our mark in the world and we get into this habit of extreme efficiency and do not allow ourselves the time to learn things that are not relevent to our immediate goals (which tend to be career focused).

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