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Age with your marbles intact! And a 65% chance of not carking it early!

March 13, 2011

Given the choice, I’m sure you’d rather age with your marbles intact and there’s good evidence that lifestyle matters, says our Scots-born medico Dr Norman Swan on Australia’s ABC Radio National. The Mediterranean diet is typified by a low proportion of land-animal protein, lots of plant-based foods, olive oil as a source of fat (and even  a little wine?) WOW!

One study followed people in their late to mid 70s in New York for over five years, looking at the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. The study found that exercise, particularly more vigorous exercise, reduced the risk of the dreaded Alzheimer’s, as did closely adhering to a Mediterranean diet.

The thing that probably really counts–but is hard to study–is long-term adherence to a healthy diet; but even with the modest evidence offered so far, it’d take a demented person to think that hamburgers and chips, while sitting all day in front of the telly are what’ll keep your marbles polished. Dr Swan says “If you drink moderately, don’t smoke,  eat a healthy diet and are active you have a whopping 65% of reducing your chance of carking it over ten years for any cause!”

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