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Oldest man in the world dies….wise at 114!

April 20, 2011

Walter Breuning has died

Walter Breuning was old enough to be my father! It would have been great if my father had lived to this great age……I would have had so many things to ask him!

“From a childhood without electricity to the rise of radio, through two World Wars, the Great Depression, and everyday since, Breuning maintained a healthy regimen of eating less, working more, and taking care of others, crediting this behavior with keeping him youthful.” Over the years, Walter generated a lot of wise remarks,

“Everybody says your mind is the most important thing about your body. Your mind and your body. You keep both busy, and by God you’ll be here a long time.” —Walter Breuning

” Maybe Breuning’s two meal a day diet, his active life, and his strong social bonds were enough to sustain him”, writes Aaron Saenz. And he never took more than an aspirin.
He also embraced technology

“I think every change that we’ve ever made, ever since I was a child — 100 years — every change has been good for the people…My God, we used to have to write with pen and ink, you know, (for) everything. When the machines came, it just made life so much easier.”

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