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Some adventure

December 4, 2012

I spent 5 days in Hobart Tasmania last week (visiting my son) and returned home to find my house had been broken into (for the first time!). At midday on the Saturday my daughter had opened the windows to freshen up the house and then went to the airport to meet the plane. When we returned the keys were all gone, the car was gone, jewellery of sentimental value had gone, my laptop, a family pack of strawberries and a 6-pack of cider! My grandson (bless him) chased the woman along the pavement and shouted to her to put the box she was carrying down (which she did). My other grandson cleared up so that the house would look OK on our return and since then it has been full on….police and insurance companies etc.

Strangely I don’t feel any anger or even a feeling of invasion. I hope they enjoyed the strawberries and cider!
I have just had a call from the police to say they have recovered the car and are interviewing a man and a woman. Forensics have been involved. I just feel so sorry that people have to live in such a way……..

Tasmania is very scenic, we had a day on Bruny Island, the weather was lovely and so was the company! We visited MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art) an astonishing and enormous private Museum. I especially enjoyed the Pausiris Mummy:pausiris

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