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Remembered names!

April 9, 2013

POST SCRIPT  to Remembering Names: a naturalistic experiment

My training to remember names using the Posit Science Brain HQ program seemed to help primarily by raising awareness of the sustained attention required to remember names. This was crucially heightened after training on the people skills “remembering  names” component.

However immediately after the teaching session I only remembered 2 out of the 8 people. I could recall the visual details of the people in the group but no more names. By next morning I could recall 6 participants names but was unsure about two of those. The following week I looked through the list (a prompt not available in everyday life, but recognition is considerably easier than recall!) and found that what I was doing  had also happened during the training…..I was attempting to link the name to something about the person….to make it more meaningful perhaps. By the end of the second session I had all 8 names of the people in the Community Centre off pat. I also at no time hesitated about the names of the painters (Cezanne, the Dutch Painters, Margaret Olley ) that we were looking at …..(whew!) and hence I enjoyed every minute of the session. I shall continue training to get to the higher levels in the program. It has certainly increased confidence in my neuro-plasticity … is working…

Note: I have no connection at all with  Posit Science Brain HQ or any of its members or researchers.

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