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REDESIGN MY BRAIN: Brain Plasticity and Todd Sampson 2013

April 2, 2014

At the end of last year Todd  Sampson (an enterprising  and humourous young man) presented  a series on ABC2 called “Redesign my Brain”.

Redesign My Brain

Redesign My Brain

“Todd puts brain training to the test as he undergoes a radical brain makeover in a three-part documentary series on the revolutionary new science of brain plasticity.”

Emeritus Professor Michael Merzenich from the University of California (and Director of “Posit Science” ) was a consultant to the progam.

 Improvement even at 90 or a 100 years old: reversibilityMerz

‘I can be 90 or 100 years old and I still advance [my brain] back in a more youthful-ward direction because many things are reversible,” Merzenich said.

‘We have to engage our brain as a learning machine. We have to challenge our brain. Then we need to work on those things that we know are likely to fade as we get older.’


The blurb for the DVD of the TV series makes large claims…... “It can turn an ordinary brain into a super brain in just three months. The fastest growing science on the planet, brain plasticity will revolutionize how we live in the future.”

Gaming in Australia 2014: the ABC and the Florey Institute

Till now the major producers of strong research-based brain training programs have been America and Europe. (Beware the light-weight programs that are heavily promoted on television and also appear as adverts on digital screens.)

Now Australia is adding its voice to the question of gaming as a means of brain training. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation in conjunction with the Florey Institute (Melbourne University ) one of the world’s leading neuroscience centres has commenced a game based project “ACTIVE MEMORY” on developing intellectual strengths. They have  also developed an algorithm that assesses brain improvement.

However on the issue of brain training Professor Bob Wood of the Florey Institute says:

Prof. Bob Wood Florey Institute University Melbourne

Prof. Bob Wood
Florey Institute
University Melbourne

“It is not a short process it takes LOTS OF REPETITION OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD with problems of frustration and boredom. IT REQUIRES COMMITMENT AND ENGAGEMENT ON THE TASK. This is where gaming comes in to make it fun!”

welcome active memory

I have commenced  training on ACTIVE MEMORY and will be reporting the experience over time. …….watch this space!

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