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Three weeks further progress on “Active Memory”

May 30, 2014


My overall proficiency measure (see below) seems to be “flattening off” as I continue playing and move to higher levels. Each time I train (as opposed to “Freeplay”) my motivation and attitude are assessed on a 5-point scale, both before and after training. Presumably this is to get some measure of my ongoing commitment….whether I am getting a bit bored or hopefully keeping interested! The program developers will be well aware of the problems of people starting or trialling the program and then fading off. Good intentions….well you all know about that!

Training your brain can be FUN!

However they have made it quite clear that if you are serious about retuning your brain, improving your memory as you age etc., the games have to be FUN………..BUT

Prof. Bob Wood Florey Institute University Melbourne

Prof. Bob Wood
Florey Institute
University Melbourne


Professor Bob Wood of the Florey Institute says:

“It is not a short process it takes LOTS OF REPETITION OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD with problems of frustration and boredom. IT REQUIRES COMMITMENT AND ENGAGEMENT ON THE TASK. This is where gaming comes in to make it fun!”

 In other words you need to want what this program is offering, have fun on the way and stick with it over time! Like most things in life, practice is essential!

And don’t forget you are also making a contribution to brain science!

My Progress

My Progress after 1200 plays

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