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November 4, 2014

The Fun of Teaching “Active Memory

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 12.13.19 pm

Glyde-In Centre, East Fremantle WA.

I have been teaching the “Active Memory” Program at our local Community Centre in East Fremantle WA. I have had four different classes combining Mac OS, Windows and Android,  for Desktops, Lap-tops and Tablets. How about that? (only  a CGP* would attempt that!)

Some classes were small, (only six) as we have only 6 Windows computers in the GLYDE-In Centre. If students brought  their own portable device, classes were between 9 and 20, I also had a couple on the waiting list! As I welcomed them into the class carrying their bags over their shoulders I was delighted that so many people were interested. Their age-group was roughly 30-80 I think, with many around 65-75

I must admit this BYO group was a bit chaotic the first time. We had such a variety of operating systems (some needing updating), some people completely happy with tablets, others who have never graduated to the trackpad on their laptop and needed a table for their mouse: some pretty ancient computers too that reportedly worked OK at home.  And of course everyone had to switch to the local WIFI with passcode which was an added burden for some!


I had made the assumption that if people were prepared to bring their digital device out-of-home , whatever it was, they must be pretty au fait with it! However it didn’t quite work out that way…….but we managed …..and everyone pitched in and helped each other. Thanks to the group for not being at all impatient!

During the following teaching term I limited attendance to people who had the skill to log on to Active Memory on their own device at home and bring their email address and password with them.  This produced many fewer applicants, so we also provided a separate I.T. Clinic for those having difficulty logging on, so that if they wished to attend they could be all prepared……thanks to volunteers and admin for that help.

Technology and teaching Active Memory: triple-tasking

I prepared a slide show to run across 2 sessions (1hour chat and 1hr practice X 2) and put it on a thumb drive. An excellent wide screen was used to capture in a variety of media, the ideas that I wanted to put across: photos, graphs, movies, journal publication, quotes from various scientists etc.. I drew from many sources, Science Journals, ABC, BBC, Active memory, Posit Science, Scientific American, New Scientist etc., and referenced most sources.. I involved the group in discussion at most points and so I was triple-tasking….. working the technology, holding on to my thoughts and developing ideas, and listening to and incorporating the group’s contribution.  I found that people with long long-term memories have much to contribute and many questions! It was good fun!Page_1






* Crazy geriatric psychologist
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