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This blog explores cognitive fitness for older people and initially documents my experiences while doing two Posit Science brain training programs- the “Brain Fitness Program” (auditory processing and memory) and “Cortex with Insight” (visual processing and memory).  I have subsequently written about things that interest me, that are topical, and that have bearing on the notion of aging successfully. I am an octogenarian but that means little in itself. I am a retired clinical and educational psychologist, grandmother, permaculture enthusiast, and enjoy technology, cooking, painting, drawing, and reading. I use my Mac computer to make movies, slide-shows, and a family newsletter to keep us all in touch.



In the last couple of years I have researched the family genealogy and accessed births, marriage and death certificates on-line to trace my Scottish ancestry back to the early 1700s.

The Drinnans 1860 approx. On the original glass plate.

By chance I linked up with an American relative and was able to send a photo of his great-grandmother, Hannay Drinnan, (centre back, 1860s), sister to my great- grandmother Isabella (right back). They look a rather “dour” lot!
My g-g-grandfather, George Drinnan, was a village blacksmith in the Scottish Lowlands during the early stages of the industrial revolution. There may have been some connection with the Scottish Covenanters. The family moved with the invention of the steam train.
My g-g-g-Grandmother (below right) is dressed in her “Sunday Best” for the photograph taken in 1864. The back of the photo is inscribed “to William from Grandma 1864”. William was her grandson, my g-g-Grandfather. Her husband was a forester and hedge-trimmer.

My great-great-great_Grandmother, Janet Pierson, 1864

My great-grandmother with my mother 1903

The other photograph is my great-Grandmother, Ann Lindsay, with my mother in 1903. I still have the black lace cloak she is wearing. My great- Grandfather was a shovel-finisher and when he died, Ann was left with 5 surviving children. A woman of initiative, she started a fruit and vegetable business. This was developed by my grandmother into a thriving family business, buying land on the west coast of Scotland and growing vegetables for the Glasgow market during the war.
I was brought up on the nursery, hence my interest in chooks, growing produce and edible gardens!

Here is another granny! Granny Smiths ….from my permaculture garden….

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